Special Needs

We are excited about our partnerships with the Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center and Jack’s Helping Hand, two groups that provide services to kids with special needs and their families.

We open the Museum on a monthly basis to these two groups and provide FREE private play time for the children and families they serve. This private time allows the children to play in a judgement free environment when the Museum has been specially prepared for them. It gives parents an opportunity to meet and spend time together while their children play and have fun. For more information please call the Museum or for the next FREE private play day click here.

If you are interested in helping to support either of these programs via a sponsorship please contact Jennifer Smith @ 238-7432 or via email at jennifer@pasokids.org


“The impact that is made on the community when non profits work together is astounding and we are so excited to be working with the Museum as you exemplify generosity. We are so happy to be able to partner with the Museum in order to provide events and services that benefit not only the autism community, but the community as a whole.”
~Katie Mervin
Executive Director 
The Central Coast Autism Spectrum Center