Our Story & Mission

The Children's Museum at the Paso Robles Volunteer Firehouse is a non-profit organization and was established as a public charity in 2003.

Our Mission

“The Paso Robles Children's Museum engages children in a joyful learn-through-play environment to inspire educational curiosity while honoring the heritage of our volunteer firefighters.”

Our Story

Tom Martin had a dream to create a place where children could learn through play in a safe and interactive environment. With the help of the many civic leaders, the community, and countless volunteers, Tom’s vision came to life in 2003 when The Children’s Museum at the Paso Robles Volunteer Firehouse was established as a public charity. The Museum opened its doors to the community at the restored and repurposed firehouse in November of 2007. Nearly 8 years later we have welcomed over 140,000 visitors, including 12,000 elementary students who participated in educational programs provided by the Museum and its generous sponsors. We also provide free access to hundreds of children each year through our Community Partner Program. This program supports other nonprofits that serve children in our county.

We are located at 623 13th Street in the heart of downtown Paso Robles. We offer a fun place for children and families to Play and Learn on the Central Coast.